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We record this identifier (called an IP address) whenever feedback is given.   We will not reveal this data to any third party or show it on the site, but we may use it to detect improper use of the site.

Your email address will not be shown on the site. We need it to send you an email to confirm that you actually wrote the feedback, and in case there are any queries about your feedback.
How are you (or were you) related to the service provider?
Be careful here - although we will not reveal any of your personal data to the provider you need to make sure that you do not reveal your identity unintentionally in your comments. For instance if you refer to an incident that only you (or a small number of people) can know about then you may be indirectly divulging your identity. This could have an impact on future service (if you are a service user) or on your employment (if you are an employee).
If your comments relate to an event or to service delivered more than one month ago please enter the approximate date, or the most recent date if your comments apply to a period. Leave this field blank if the comment and rating apply to current service.